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Leadership Transformation


The Leadership 3x30 coaching tool uses three 30 minute interactions to improve the leaders’ ability to lead themselves and others in an agile environment.

We use self-discovery approaches, progressive teaching methods, and research-based frameworks rooted in cultural engagement and servant leadership.

Learning Together


The leadership training and development experiences we offer are based on an apprenticeship model of learning. Learning is done at the intersection of character and worldview, theory and experience, personal context and industry research, individual and communal, and through action and reflection.

Beyond Culture


We prepare leaders to face the exponential cultural complexity that affects organizations today and enable leaders to formulate a cultural engagement strategy.

There are over 3,000 theories that explore culture. Assumptions about the concept of culture determine the effectiveness of future action. In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, a single definition of culture (norms, values, and beliefs) is no longer helpful. 

What We Offer


For Individuals

Agile Leadership Coaching: Our coaching is not done in an office removed from your life or leadership context. We partner with you to identify the best place and time that will facilitate creative solutions. By evaluating approach, alignment, presence, receptivity, and opportunity, our clients discover specific insights and commit to actionable steps for development.


For Teams

Our Leadership Dojo participants engage in self-discovery, leadership foundations, cultural engagement, and the expansion workshop. Attendees leave with increased self-awareness, a better understanding of group potential, an ability to engage the culture at different levels, and a group strategy for meaningful and targeted action based on agile methods.


For Individuals and Teams

We guide coaches, teams, and leaders in their agile journey using Lean, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and other scaled frameworks within the organization. We have extensive experience leveraging agile methods and cultural engagement to help individuals, teams, and organizations flourish within changing environments. We proactively meet the challenges of lean-agile transformation by focusing on facilitating diverse stakeholder discussions, leading by example, and challenging the status quo.

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